Stumbelbloc was invented to give anyone with limited skills and limited means the opportunity to build their own home in a cost effective way.

The interlocking building blocks are made with the unique and innovative Stumbelbloc plastic moulds, which are simply filled with a concrete mix and left to dry. When removed from the mould, a very accurate hollow-core block is created. The unique interlocking shape allows building with great ease and, in conjunction with the glue i.e. thin bed mortar and render (NHBRC-approved building method), a very strong, fast and cheap construction method is created. A 16 x 2m. wall can be built from foundations in 40 minutes, a small house(to roof level) in two days.

The material cost for making a standard block is R4.75. A significant consideration is the saving on the cost of transport of normal blocks at R3.00 per 100km. The additional labour cost varies from area to area. Stumbelbloc can be manufactured on-site thereby saving money and creating work on-site.

For block strength, the SABS requirement is 3.5MPa. The standard block has been tested @ 4.8MPa. Materials can be varied in accordance with local requirements and the strength required.

The cost of each (full) mould is R179 +VAT. Half moulds are also available and bulk packs can be purchased at a discount.

An average, unskilled, labourer can make up to 50 blocks a day, using the traditional hand-mixing method. With some basic tools and power a small production unit employing 3 labourers @ R150 per day can produce up to 250 blocks per day.

Stumbelbloc creates employment for a single person making and selling his own blocks for a cost of R13200 per person for the moulds. This is based on 68 moulds with one person making 34 blocks per day by hand. In South Africa, the material costs are R6 per block which could then be sold in rural areas at R10 or, in urban areas for R14. Large blocks sell for R14 per block plus transport.

This innovative building system requires no lintels, can build a structure to roof height in one day and can take full loadbearing immediately. For example: a pillar of 2.3m X 200 X 400 can be built in one minute at a cost of R220.00, as opposed to the normal cost of R1250.00.

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  • Single storey houses
  • Farm ponds
  • Sheds
  • Soakaways
  • French drains
  • Septic tanks
  • Shuttering of concrete columns
  • Walls
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